Photo Album

Welcome to Wise Guys Pub & Grill's photo page. 

As many of you know, we have Karaoke every Thursday night hosted by Donny Soule. 

Come check it out and join in the fun and entertainment.  Please check out the website for photos!  

http://www.innerstarkaraoke.com/   -  Click on Galleries to view photos! 

Check out the collection on songs Donny has!  If there's something that you want to sing that he does not have, just ask him! ... chances are, he can download it on the spot. 

Bring your friends!!  LOTS of fun and laughter .... come find YOUR Inner Star !

Bands - websites:  check them out

La Soule Fontaine  -  www.lasoulefontaine.com

PONDER  -  www.myspace.com/ponderband